Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Sewing Studio is Almost Done...Gardening Around the Shop

Over the weekend we worked on our flooring and got everything organized in our new sewing studio. We have a temporary set-up for now until we get our cabinets and new cutting table, but I must say the extra space is very, very nice. The crown molding and the base and door trim still needs to go on but other than that it is pretty much done!

A look into the new area

The other side with our fitting room

Right now our cutting table and shelf is where our future cabinets will be

 Because it was gorgeous weather on Sunday we also got some gardening accomplished around the shop. We put wire up for our raspberries and weeded them out.
 We put our hanging pots out now and are ready to plant our barrels with petunias!


  1. Very Nice! Can't Wait to see it:)

  2. A dressing room, what wonderful improvement!!

  3. Thanks Kathryn! on the other post that was actually Nate's idea...and I have to admit it was smart...and yes we were very interested in the details!