Monday, June 20, 2011

Portland Adventures...

On Friday morning at 7am Victoria, my mom and I started our trip down to Portland, OR. Yes, we were going to Fabric Depot again (and some other fabric stores). 
Our first stop was EE Schenk. This is a wholesaler's warehouse full of all sorts of fabrics, notions, and patterns for sewing and quilting. 
EE Schenck
 After about an hour we met up with Cherie and some other friends and all ventured off together to the Fabric Depot. For the next couple of hours we gathered all sorts of fabrics and trims. We went with quite a long list for specific jobs but also got extra fabric for some children's clothing. We found everything we needed which was quite a relief! Next we headed to the Taylor's for a scrumptious lunch in the sun!
Fabric Depot

Lots of Elastic Lace
 After some of the ladies took off back home, we decided to take a walk along the boardwalk with our sister Naomi and Faith. On a sunny day this is definitely a "must do" in Portland. It was so beautiful! We stopped at a little ice-cream shop and got a double-scoop ice-cream cone. If you want a full portion of ice-cream this is the place to go. Their scoops were huge! I couldn't even finish it. Later we went out to dinner with Sarah then to another friend's house for games...
By the River in Portland

Delicious Ice Cream!

 We rested up on Saturday and went fabric shopping again. This time we went to the Mill End first...if you are looking for a wide variety of silks, brocades, wools, jean and homespun fabrics, this is the place to go! Then we went to Fabric Depot again...(we just can't get enough of it!)
The Mill End

The Mill End

 Later we went to a cupcake shop and out to coffee with Elena. It was so nice to be able to fabric shop with a wide variety, and to spend time with our friends in Portland...
Ver, Elena, Vic

The Ride Home

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  1. Looks like you had a lot of in Portland...I mean who wouldn't with friends! Btw it was fun getting to go out with the both of you :) Good luck on all of your sewing projects.