Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Crib Bumpers...Baby Boy Overalls and Hat

This past week I've been working on a set of crib bumpers. We are copying this set because our customer loved it but didn't want it to be silk (not very practical for a baby :-) so we made them from a shantung satin to give it the look of dupioni silk but the easy care of satin. Tomorrow or Thursday I will post some finished photos of the bedding so you can see the whole picture.

Luxurious crib bedding!

The blanket for the bedding set

the bow ties to the side of the crib

Here is the set we are copying but stay tuned to see the completed set we are making!

Don't you love corduroy materials for this fall weather. This set is for a little baby boy for his pictures!

This hat is part of the overall outfit - little English boy style
 Eloise loves to come and play in our shop! Today she was exploring all sorts of new things she hadn't found before!

Eloise found our boxes!

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  1. Love that hat! I'd really enjoy seeing that baby's pictures in his new outfit. Nice work :-)