Monday, November 21, 2011

Cozy Knits for Babies and Toddlers

Over the weekend I knitted a few different projects. Eloise's friend Isabella just had her first birthday so a friend ordered her an ear-flap hat to match the coat we made her (I'll be doing another post on the coat soon). I wanted to be profitable on a drive up to Seattle on Saturday so I basically knitted the whole hat then.

Last night Louise asked about getting Isabella a scarf to match her hat and coat too so I knitted up a little baby scarf! Oh and Eloise was very intent on helping me out on her friend's scarf! (she ended up taking my needle out along with some stitches :-)

Here's the scarf - There is a buttonhole and button so the scarf will stay on her very nicely!

Here's the hat and scarf together!

I also finished knitting this hat - It was a project I had started last year. It's nice to finally see some projects get finished!


  1. oh my the hat and scarf are too adorable! Isabella sure is blessed to have so many nice friends!

  2. Very cute! The flowers really add to the hat!