Sunday, December 18, 2011

Christmas Morning Peppermint Cocoa Twirls

Last night for dessert my friend Bethany and I created some yummy treats for our hot cocoa. It would be perfect for a Christmas morning treat! All you need is soft peppermint sticks ( or you could use candy canes) chocolate chips and mini marshmallows. First put your chocolate chips in a double boiler and melt them!

Next you can chop up one or two of your peppermint sticks. You can also slice your marshmallows.
Dip half of your stick into the chocolate and twirl around until evenly coated. Add the marshmallows all around the chocolate, drizzle with more chocolate and then add the chopped peppermint. Make up a cup of hot cocoa and enjoy dipping your twirl stick in your drink! It adds a delicious peppermint flavor to your drink.
On some of them we tried just dipping the chocolate in the middle of stick so you can have a second little handle when you have licked one side away! Just be creative and create these for your own personal taste!