Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The recent happenings of Bella Jean...

Good Morning Everyone! Glad to be back with you on our blog.... Its been some time since we've done a post, but that means lots to show you with what has been happening around Bella Jean.

In the last months we have been working on quite the assortment of jobs that have been creative and exciting for us.
From custom bridesmaid dresses to custom curtains, to girls dance dresses, our work has been unique, challenging and exciting. I can't wait to take on more custom jobs for you that will help make you or your home different than any other.

In the meantime we have also tackled a few DIY projects for our shop and nieces (who we also have been teaching to sew!)
Custom Bridesmaid Dresses

Patches added and coat steamed

Custom dining seat cushions

Custom Curtains for a wall of windows

Re upholstery done by sub contractor

Custom dance tutu!

Our ruffling technique being added to the tutu
Teaching our Nieces to sew!
Before- tv cabinet to be turned into a play kitchen
After- kitchen for the nieces


  1. Love your kitchen. they should be able to cook up a lot of tasty dishes! And if not, at least they will be so cute trying.

  2. Very good work. I'm glad Isabella has you both for aunts! Thanks