Thursday, March 27, 2014

DIY Chair reupholstery...and recent custom work!

Hello again everyone! It's nice to be back with you all.

Business has been even busier than before, and I'm glad I've gotten on top of scheduling before the wedding season hit! I'm so excited to be able to alter and create wedding gowns and bridesmaid dresses. I realized how much I missed working with lots of brides over the winter.  

Anyways, on my spare time ( late Sunday nights) I finally decided it was time to redo my chairs that customers sit and wait on in my shop. 

Here's how they originally looked: 

I then stripped it down... 

Then with the help of my little niece  we painted the wood white... 

I then cut the basic shapes of the fabric and began to staple! It was actually quite basic upholstery, just stretching properly and stapling in place! 

Now I just have to finish it with double piping! But for now... It's in my shop and looks gorgeous with the decor. 

And here are a few pictures of my recent happenings! 

One of my students projects! She made this for a recent wedding in a matter of weeks... And she's 14 years old! 

Fitted slipcovers for 2 armless wingbacks... 

Couch reupholstery...

Custom Drapes:

A preschool drawn quilt for an auction! 

And fun with my little helpers today!

Until we talk again!...

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