Thursday, July 29, 2010

Bella Jean Menswear and Family Wear!

A couple of months ago a man we know gave us the idea of making men's suit jackets. He wanted to get a custom, snazzy jacket for a wedding he was attending. Our first thought was "good idea, but it seems really, really hard." Well, we began looking into them and found some patterns and material. The pattern we found made making the suit jacket much simpler than we thought but just like store-bought ones.  Seeing it come together was very inspiring, and in the end it was definitely worth it! Now we have Bella Jean Menswear! Just send us an email if you want a custom suit jacket!

Here's the link to the pattern we used!

Here it is! The red piping adds a great accent color!

Two days before the wedding he asked us what it would take to get his wife a coordinating dress. We said "no problem, we will do it!" She picked the style she wanted and we created a custom dress that she loved!
We made matching vests for their boys too! 

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