Tuesday, July 20, 2010

An Outfit a Month for a Sweet Little One!

About a year ago a couple we know told us they loved the clothing we made and wanted us to make an outfit the first 12 months for their child that was on the way. Soon they had a little girl named Lucy so we got to work. For the first month we put together a gift basket with a little dress bloomers, bath scrubbie and hat. (I posted the picture of it below). Now it has been four months and she has got quite a variety of very cute outfits. One of them was a soft knit jacket with pants and a onesie. In the picture below is an outfit we did for her that is cotton pants, a knit onesie, and a sun hat! (isn't she so cute?) 

Let us know if you have any ideas for Lucy's next outfit! (we've got 8 months to go and need some ideas)
Here's the first gift we gave Lucy!

 This was her 2nd month outfit!
 I love her smile!

I thought I'd add this because this is the quilt my mom made for Lucy (we used it as a backdrop for our pictures). My mom makes some really nice baby quilts!

Oh, and you can let us know if you might know someone who would be interested in doing a 12 month outfit plan for their child!

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  1. Since it's summer time, I think she needs a cute little romper.