Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Another Update on the New Room

Last night some of us got out to the shop to get the sheet-rock finished and the first coat of mud on! I'm so glad to have a brothers who are willing and glad to work on this project for us. Vic and I were getting so excited that we wanted to try out our new dressing room area. We got a big piece of fabric and hung it up to see what it would really look like and also got a carpet scrap for the floor so people could even start using it now! I can't wait til it's all finished :) In the mean time we have been sewing up some new spring collections so here's a few pictures.

Vic is taping all the seams before mudding can happen

Chris starts to mud1 Yeah!!!

Finish screwing

and the ceiling

Here's how it looks now!

Our "mock" dressing room

A spring twirly skirt I just finished

And I had to put Eloise on here - She is really starting to smile alot!

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  1. Wow, great progression! I love the little "mock" dressing room. That is going to be a great asset to your shop. And it is such a blessing when you have brothers to help you out. I think this addition is coming along splendidly.