Monday, January 31, 2011

Our Studio is Coming Along!

Over the past week a lot has happened in our new sewing studio! The electrical has been finished, and most of the sheet rock has been put up. You all probably thought our favorite place to shop has been a fabric store...but lately it has been Home Depot. We went there to look at cabinets, storage ideas and lots more things for our new area. We also have contacted some friends in the flooring business about getting our entire shop carpeted with industrial carpet! I can't wait...I will actually feel like someone can bring their beautiful wedding dress in to a professional space, and not have it dragging on cement floor etc... We are also looking at getting a very large cutting table that we can put storage drawers underneath. Now all we have to do is work, make lots of sales, and save for our flooring and storage. Oh and we also are looking into more shop display items such as, an adult display mannequin, another boutique style clothing rack and anything else that will help display our items....

So please if you know of anywhere to get these items or have any ideas that might make our workspace more efficient and organized, please please please, let us know!
Looking into our new area from our existing shop!

Now looking at it from the opposite angle...(on the right is our new fitting room)

a little more to the right of the room from the last picture (on the short wall we want shelves for fabric bolts)

This is the wall we want to put built-ins on, with a desk area, drawers for patterns, and cupboards

Looking straight into our new fitting the back will be more shelves with storage


  1. I'm very excited about your addition! I'll let you know if I see any of the items you're looking for.

  2. It looks like so much more room for you to crank away. How nice! I'll have to come over in person and see how big it really is.

    I'd be glad to help - just give me a call if you're working on it some evening. :)


  3. Really liking how the extention is turning out. It will be really nice for you two to have more working space. Keep it up, I want to see the finished product!!!

  4. Now, how's about that plumbing we spoke of?...:D

    That really is lovely- the space. Give me a jingle if you need anything from you know where... ;)