Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Baby Summer Clothing!

Here are a few of our baby styles we have for this summer! Most of them are made from soft interlock knits.
I think we got a pretty sweet model for them!
Our shirred lime dress
This was perfect as a dress for Eloise and now it works great as a top!
The pilot cap is perfect for keeping the wind out of their ears
This is made with cotton - I love this style!


  1. The shirred lime dress is my favorite. And such a cooperative model that you have-a real doll!

  2. She's a very sweet little girl! :) I'd have to say, my favorite dress is the "Shirred Lime" dress. Too bad they don't look the same on us 'big' folks around here. Oh, well. I'm sure there's a nice pattern for adult sun dresses out there, or perhaps you've already found one. Talk to me. :^)

  3. I love your line! soo cute! Please read my blog! www.latestgreatestteenfashions.blogsot.com

  4. Those dresses are so pretty, what a great talent you have :) and your model is a doll :)