Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Dressing Up Our Shop...the Vintage Style

Over the the last couple of weeks we have gone to antique stores and other places to find items that would make our shop have a bit more of the shabby chic style. Our goal is to make our shop all flow together with one theme so it doesn't look so discombobulated and cluttery. I think we got off to a good start so far! Check it out.
We picked this up from Michaels - Everyone seems to be getting a little shabby chic section in their stores!

This one is an antique

An antique hat stand - it looks easy where I could copy it and make some more!

This is from Michael's too. I added the flowers and my mom made the birds!

On Friday night we took this plain mirror and dressed it up with some of our trims and scrapbook paper. Remember the antique lace we were given? Well some of that got used too.

this is some of the antique lace

burning some fabric for flowers

The blue paper is off of one of the antique laces

I think this decor matches perfectly for the business we're in :)

The little spools of thread to help represent sewing!!!


  1. Wow, you have done an amazing amount of work. I like the placement of the wall buckets-is that what you call them? And the burnt red flower with the white button is my favorite. Very creative! Post some more overall room pictures too.

  2. Oh, how lovely. I especially like the little boxes on the shelf ;) good pick!!!