Thursday, July 21, 2011

Sewing Class Students...and some projects...

Today I decided to post a little display showing our sewing classes and a few projects some of the students have completed. In case you didn't know we gave sewing lessons, now you do! We love to teach children and adults. All of our students are so excited about making things with their own hands and completing a project, that they have all drastically improved from the first day the walked in the door. 
All of them began at the basics of making a simple doll quilt with lots of squares, so they could learn the basics of the machine, as well as how to sew a straight line. i.e. backstitching, right sides together, pressing etc... after that they all moved to harder projects...I am amazed sometimes at what my students go home and do on their own...they really pick up on sewing fast!

Most of these girls are excited about running our business when they get older! I can't wait til they take it will be incredible!

Here are a few pictures showing our classes and some completed projects...
Emma and Tatum...this was their last day of classes:( they both moved

Yes even boys can sew...Alec made this sweatshirt

Gwen is always inspired about making the next greatest item!

Juanita, Annmarie and Beth love making projects for cousins, nieces, etc...

Makena is making a ball here...

Danielle just finished a sailor style coat!

Rose loves to sew!

Ronni is making pajama pants

Hannah's snow boarding hat

Lots of bags to make:)

Skirts are always a good project

Crystal made this Sunday Coat! It turned out great...

In the midst of making a jacket

Love the bags they made:)

Landry and her older sister made these matching outfits

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