Friday, July 22, 2011

Summertime Tea Party

For the past several weeks Rose, Ruby and Crystal have been trying to earn their sewing class goal by finishing some projects and doing well in their lesson. They made it.  They helped put together the invitation and gave them to each girl in their class. The sun shone beautifully today which was perfect for our tea party. Ruby and Crystal came over a little earlier and helped set it all up so it would be ready for everyone else. Our theme was vintage summertime. There was good food, candy and fruit punch as well as croquet and slip n' slides for the activities. The girls really enjoyed being with each other and it was also enjoyable for us to get to be and talk with them. That's part of what makes sewing classes worth it for me!

As you can tell by all the pictures, I've been having alot of fun with Adobe Lightroom lately!
Crystal riding the fence while we decorate for the tea party!

Our vintagey little setup

Crystal's filling up the treats :-)

Our scrumptious looking table

Fresh raspberry kuchen (let me know if you want the recipe, it's really good!)

A fresh bouquet of roses from our garden

Our Sweet Treat Display

enjoying the good food

Havin Fun on the swing!

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