Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Tuesday Tips...Turning a fabric tube right side out

Have you ever sewn a strap or tie right sides together with one end closed and then had a hard time turning it right side out? Here is an easy way to do it. All you need for this is a large crochet hook or knitting needle! 

First, flip over the opened end of the tie/ strap and then place the tool that you are using, (in this case I am using a crochet hook) in between the flipped fabric and the non-flipped fabric. 

While gently pushing up on the tool, pull down on the flipped fabric. 

When you are finished, if you are using a tool with a pointed end you can lightly poke the corners to make them nice and square. 

If neither side of the strap/ tie is sewn shut than you can simply attach a safety pin to one side and flip it inside the strap. 

Then push the safety pin towards the opposite end of the strap. (This is similar to putting elastic through a waistband.) 

When you get to the end take out the safety pin and you are done. Voila!

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