Friday, February 3, 2012


Yes, we were at it again. Something about me loves to redecorate and organize our shop. This time we went a little further and repainted the shop too. Our goal was to change it from being "girly" looking to very classy. After a couple weekends of working on the painting we finally finished it. I love how it turned out and if you like it too I provided the paint colors below. 

Paint Colors:
Martha Stewart: Wild Turkey (brown)
Martha Stewart: Driftwood Gray (blue)

We also did some redecorating. I changed the dresser to Spring decor (since we are definitely ready to be done with winter ;-)

Then we made a chalkboard out of a picture we had sitting around. You can get chalkboard paint from Home Depot or Lowes. I just painted right over the glass of the picture and it worked perfectly! It makes a great centerpiece for this new work area.

For our fitting room we made vintage looking hooks. We bought some wood plaques from Joann Fabrics and painted them white. We found these vintage looking door knobs at Anthropologie and attached them to the plaques. Now we have some great hooks for the dressing room!

We moved our trims shelf to the wall opposite the fitting room wall so you don't see it immediately when you walk in the sewing studio room. With the new paint color the colors pop off the wall so nicely!


  1. Very nice. You should post your hooks on pinterest. A lot of people might want to make those.

  2. NICE! You only used the two colors? What color is the ceiling?

    All the walls look different, it must be the light coming in from the windows?

  3. I have dark brown leather furniture in my living room, I wonder if the Wild Turkey would be too dark for that room? I do have a large bay window with east sun and sliding glass doors with south sun.

    1. Yes I only used the two colors. The ceiling is white. The lighting does make it look different. The Wild turkey isn't actually very is more of a medium gray brown, very warm and inviting! I think it could look nice, but would depend on your floor color. If the floor is dark I would do a lighter neutral, if it is medium to light flooring I would use wild turkey.