Friday, January 10, 2014

Jordan's Cable Knit Hat...

I've been getting into knitting quite a bit. I finally decided to buckle down and learn how to do an earflap hat. Once I did one and realized how easy it really was, I whipped out 5 while on vacation over Christmas. Anyways, enough said. Here's one I made for Jordan Hier with a cable stitch pattern. I then decided to top it off with a large pom pom.
It is made out of a very nice soft alpaca wool.

Isn't he cute!


  1. Very nice hat and very sweet baby
    ! And making hats is easy for you and my babe is due mid-march. Hmm… :-)

  2. Congrats jordan hatI choose these blindly without knowing the names of the artists so I was so pleased to see I had chosen one of yours!