Thursday, January 2, 2014

DIY Bulletin Board

Hello everybody!  Yes I'm back to the blogging world- I will be keeping you posted at least once a week from now on!
I wanted to share with you this really easy project that makes any out dated bulletin board fit your room style! 

Here are the materials used: 

Bulletin board (Joann's -$3)
Fabric - 1/2 yd- $4
Thumbtacks- $2
Stapler and staples

Start with trimming your fabric to size...

Next put the fabric wrong side facing board. Then put a couple starter staples in one long end...
Then pull tightly on the other end and staple 

Once the long ends are stapled firmly- pull from side to side and staple the short ends. Be sure to keep staples on all end a couple inches away from each corner. 

Now to do the corners, pull the corner of the fabric in over the point of the corner of the board. Staple.
Then fold one flap over the corner and then the other flap. It should look like this
Trim your fabric and turn the board right side up.
Now measure and mark where you want your tacks and push them in! 


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