Monday, December 8, 2014

Sewing classes for little ones...

In the past month I have started giving sewing classes to 3 and 4 year olds. Generally people would think they are too young, and how would they remember anything?... Well folks, do I have a surprise for you! These girls are young so their minds are fresh, they remember from one week to the next what they have been taught! I was surprised on their second class to see them doing everything I taught them the week before. 

Repetition is what these little ones need, but with that repetition comes the skill that they will never forget. At this point they are learning right sides together, pinning, cutting, back stitch and holding the fabric on their own as it goes thru the machine. We are pressing the pedal so they can learn everything else, and as they grow taller, they will be able to learn multitasking! 

It's a joy to teach these children and see them so excited about every class, and so excited when just one seam gets sewn. 

So I encourage you all to start teaching your little ones skills early in life! They love it 😄 and you will learn from them! 

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