Monday, January 12, 2015

Christmas dinner...Great decor ideas for any formal meal

On Christmas, my older sister and I decided we wanted to make a nice dinner for our entire family. 
I love to decorate and do crafts, and my sister loves to cook and bake... So together we make a great team. I got to teach her how to craft and she got to help me in the kitchen with my cooking and baking skills. 
For our theme we decided to go with the rustic winter decor, as I had in the rest of the house. Of course we turned to Pinterest. We found a great name tag idea.. For practically free! Cut some glue and print the names out. One problem we ran into with this simple project was that the sticks were wet, so the hot glue wouldn't keep them together... So we popped them on a cookie sheet and baked them in the oven for a few minutes to dry them out! Walla! We had dry sticks. 

We then cut a lot of branches of fir trees and expanded our table decor down the length of the table. We also cut logs and set candles on them. 

For the silverware and napkins I rolled the napkins, wrapped twine a few times around it...and tucked a cinnamon stick and green twig behind the twine. 

For our food and appetizer table, my friend had just cut down a tree and I saw in the back of her truck a wedge about 6" thick, some used that to add height and dimension. I then added candles, and burlap and wine, cheese, appetizers, and water. 

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