Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The Deadline is Here...

Today was the final day for Joann's Prom Dress contest. It was a struggle to get them done- but we did it... now we await the date of July 2, to see if we are a finalist, if we are then August 27th we will find out if we win any prize.

We would love to hear your feedback on the dresses!


  1. Veronica WilliamsJune 15, 2010 at 9:24 PM

    Thanks! I hope we win!!! We'll let you know

  2. They look amazing! You guys did a fantastic job.
    (P.S. i'm not just some creepy stalker, I entered the contest as well and googled the contest for some questions I had and your blog came up! Haha just though i'd let you know:)

  3. WOW Very Nice - hope you win :)

  4. You girls are great! The dresses are beautiful and I admire you for starting a business at your age. I am from a family of twins. My paternal grandmother had 5 sets of fraternal (boy/girl) twins. My other grandmother had one set and my mom had twin girls. I wanted twins but the Lord knew best and I had only singles. Keep up the great work and Yea for modest dresses. It's impossible for the girls around here ( Vancouver, WA) to find modest dresses for prom. My 19 year old grandson is moving near you (Aberdeen) this fall to go to college.

  5. Hi girls. Your dresses turned out so nice. I really like them. They each have their own style. Im sure plenty of work was put into them. I hope you win.


  6. Hello, I was curious if either of you were selected as finalists for the contest you entered? Your dresses are simply beautiful!!!

  7. Actually we weren't, which of course was very sad. But then, how much could they tell from a picture?

    Thanks for the compliment!