Friday, June 11, 2010

My Prom Dress Inspiration...

I finally got far enough on my dress to show you pictures of it... I know I should have been documenting the entire process of making it, but I forgot about it- so here it is now. When I first heard about the Joann's prom dress contest I had an inspiration to make a Ginger Rogers style dress- (I absolutely love her dresses)... I have always wanted to make a dress in her style and now I finally got my chance too! Well I searched for days for a pattern in that 30's style but in the end I was hopeless... nothing could be found. What was I to do? After asking people and thinking, I finally got an idea- I would find a pattern that was fitted on top and had a slight flare to it at the bottom... no matter how it looked I was determined any dress can be made from a base pattern, so I found this one- - I know it doesn't look anything like my finished product- and that is the splendor of being able to vary and change patterns! Then a friend of mine gave me the idea for the sleeves and neck ruffle from this pattern- - It was vintage looking, beautiful, and altogether the perfect fit for my dress! Then I got the idea to do beadwork on the top- and that is where I am at now... beading till all hours of the night until I have it just right!

I hope you like it!

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  1. Very elegant! love the beading!! You need some 7 inch heels like Ginger too!!!!