Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Uniqueness in the details...Summer Dress

A few weeks ago we sewed Eloise a summer dress that she could wear in Maui. We wanted this dress to be unique and stand out. So we took into consideration every little detail we could think of. For the straps we shirred them...that is putting elastic thread in the bobbin and sewing straight lines. We also used this technique for the back bodice. This technique made it easy to get on and off and she can wear it for a longer amount of time. Using a coordinating material for a bottom band, also adds a great element. We then looked at all our trims and decided ric rac would look splendid! We applied it to the bodice waist seam and the bottom band seam. Buttons also add a great little element... So we applied them on top of the ric rac. Lastly we added little bows where the straps met the bodice...

Every little detail added so much to this dress! So next time you go to make something, think about what you can add that will make it unique and stand out!

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