Thursday, April 28, 2011

Crafting Baby Headbands with friends...

 Last night we went to a friends house to help her make baby headbands. We pulled together all of our laces, ribbons, trims, buttons, feathers, fabric, glue gun and more! We also got some old tights, and necklaces that we never wear and tore them apart for the headbands. I love crafting because you can pull from so many different resources!

We looked online for how to make all sorts of flowers and began! First we made a burned flower...(to learn to make it go to this blog post!. We also made a folded flower...its pretty simple- cut circles, fold them into quarters and sew them together in a round...

Each head piece was so unique, I loved it!
We had a great time with our friends crafting and just being together!

Adding buttons to the center of flowers, adds a perfect touch of style!

I also made a clip with tulle scrunched in a circle, and glued rhinestones on it...


  1. Last night was so much fun and i loved all the finished results! Norah will have fun sporting all her fancy new headbands. Thanks again!

  2. How fun and so up my sisters alley! :-) I am glad you guys were able to do that.