Wednesday, April 27, 2011

What Was Accomplished Yesterday...

Yesterday was a full day from start to finish! It started with getting some "beginnings" of 2 dresses put together for my cousin. When those were finished I started an alteration on a wedding dress.

This time we are adding a panel in the back to make the dress a little bigger.
Here's my pattern piece I made
After those were finished we got to babysite Eloise in the shop for about an hour. This was so much fun. She loved playing with the balls and just laying on her blanket. She would talk and laugh and it was so cute!

Remember this jumper? I made it from one that Eloise had when she was that size. Look how much she has grown?

For the next couple hours we had sewing classes. Later in the evening we wanted to get some painting done in the shop extension so we painted the ceiling. We also when to Home Depot and got a couple more sample paints to try on the wall. Which one do you like?

Painting the ceiling

These are the two we are deciding between. What do you think?


  1. I like the color on the left girls, the lighter one. Looks like the shop is comeing together nicely so far. And how is the wedding dress coming along? Well have a great day see ya soon. Oh and it was really nice seeing you around in Maui.

  2. Hi,

    Last night I found Jael trying to cut a towel with a small pair of scissors. She wanted to sew something like her cousins do! Then she asked if she could get a sewing machine to make clothes...yes, and you will be going to learn from Victoria & Veronica just as soon as you are able!


  3. Is it supposed to be a feature wall color? If not, I would go with the lighter one as the darker one will make the area look smaller. :-)