Friday, January 13, 2012

From Picture to Reality...Custom Women's Dresses

Do you ever find that perfect dress online but end up disappointed because they don't have your size or it's so expensive, or it's too short? Well don't be discouraged, we specialize in taking photos of that dream dress and creating your own dress into a reality...or I might say, even better than reality :-)

Our friend Molly came to us with this problem. She found a dress online, then beginning with that dress she designed the perfect one for her style with details and trims to enhance it. The first one was a vintage style dress. It has a chiffon bodice with a embossed velvet rose suiting for the skirt. The original dress was from Modcloth.

Here's the first dress we started off copying

Here's our rendition...we added lace around the collar and cuff.

And here's the 2nd dress we copied.

It is 100% dupioni silk with authentic antique lace in each pin-tuck.


  1. are so amazing. The copies are even better than the originals

  2. Agreed! Your dresses look better. The other ones look kind of cheap in comparison.