Wednesday, January 18, 2012

A Singer Sewer...

This past weekend we helped my grandparents move to a smaller home. Among many of my grandma's collectibles was a beautiful antique Singer sewing machine. She still used it sometimes for mending and hemming so she wasn't ready to give it away til now because she has granddaughters to do that for her! Saturday we got to take it home with us. We tried to look up some history about it. We didn't find too much about the specific model of machine except that it was made some time around the1920's. Right now it is a beautiful display in our shop but maybe soon we will actually use it a little just for fun. Having to push the treadle definitely gives you a good calf work out so maybe if I feel like getting some exercise I will use it. 

In one of the drawers we found a box full of feet and accessories.

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