Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Tuesday Tips for Better Sewing

What difference can pressing a seam make? Believe it or not pressing is one of the major differences between a professional seamstress and beginner. When every seam is pressed it creates a smooth, almost invisible finished look. When they are not pressed you tend to notice all the seams more, they are bubbly and not flattering to the garment. I like to press all my seams open. This creates less bulk in the garment for a more comfortable wear.

You just have to make pressing a habit. It will become a sewing lifestyle that you cannot live without. 


  1. Yea, more twins (I'm a twin too, boy/girl)! More clothes too! Yipee. I hate to iron though, but have learned to accept it in a zen-like fashion...

  2. I find ironing a lot more enjoyable with a good movie on! And you're right that it really makes a difference.

    1. I find ironing with a movie on a lot more enjoyable too!