Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Back to sewing, sewing and more sewing!!!

We've just returned from our wonderful vacation and back to lots more sewing jobs. While we were gone we sold a lot of our newest Halloween costume, Little Red Riding Hood. (Yeah!!! There's nothing like making money while your on vacation!) Today was definitely a "getting back in the groove" day. We spent half the day finding wholesale sewing supply websites and ordering trims, fabrics and notions for our costumes (it's definitely the way to go if your selling lots, compared to buying retail)

Also while we were gone we got together our sewing class schedule and organized all the girl's times now that school is starting. We have 30 students! So sewing classes took up the other half of the day. Well, we got a little sewing in. It was enjoyable to be back in the shop, doing what we love.

Doin' what we love!
Home sweet home! (this is our sign that hangs by the road)


  1. You girls are amazing! I've enjoyed looking at your pics and reading your blog! LOVE your Etsy store!

  2. Thanks for following! I am glad you enjoy reading and seeing all our projects!

  3. No Wonder you already have orders for that red riding hood costume that is REALLY cute. GOOD JOB

  4. Thanks- we have sold 20 so far and more are coming in!