Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Old Fashioned to New Fashioned

One of the many projects we are working on this week is a Shirley Temple style dress and pinafore, like from the movie "Heidi". A friend of ours wanted this dress for her daughter Emma's 3rd birthday. She purchased a vintage pattern that matches the dress on Heidi almost perfectly! It is so adorable with all the lace trimmings and little pinafore over the dress. Old fashioned dresses are so, so sweet! Actually, Emma looks a lot like Shirley Temple, which makes this dress even more perfect for her. It seems like old fashioned dresses are becoming more and more in style these days.

Preparing the bodice
Cutting out the skirt
Vic sews the organza pinafore. We weren't sure how you were supposed "french seam" on a curved seam - well, we got out our Complet Guide to Sewing book that our friend Diane lent us and found out that you just zig zag the seam and then trim it way down! (a quick tip for the day)
See what I mean?

Getting it put together
Doesn't it look so adorable? We had to lay everything on top to "get the picture"

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  1. It's gorgeous. Would love to see pics of Emma modeling it!