Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Change of season for the Shop...

Last night we decided it was time to redecorate our shop. I love the fall season with orange and brown colors and glowing candles. We looked at the pictures we had gathered for ideas (our last post) and set our to conquer this task. We invited a few of our friends over, they also take sewing lesson from us, and they helped us a lot. We started with pulling furniture out of the shop so we could sweep and dust in the more unnoticeable places. Then we started rearranging furniture etc... We had a great time listening to music and talking as we worked. (well we had to remind the little girls about talking and working both at the same time). Anyways, we had a great time, and this is what we came up with... Mind you we are still getting details finished...

For our tablecloth we just took fall fabric we had in store and laid it over the table

I love the pumpkin basket with scented pine cones

Every customer who came in today enjoyed our candy corn!

Candles make everything so warm and inviting!

This is a fall quilt we sell, and just hung over the door

Gotta have a scented candle to complete the essence

Notice the nuts under the candles and the pine cones- I love it!


  1. Looks beautiful.. But I have a hard time imagining fall as we had temps over 90, hail and tornadoes today. (No problems in our part of town). Fall will be a welcome change.

  2. Looks really cozy. I'll have to stop by soon. I love fall to, I think it's my favorite season.