Friday, September 17, 2010

The Best Cinnamon Rolls Ever...

Okay, since a few of you asked, I decided to post this recipe of the cinnamon rolls we made (last post).
Although, I cannot take credit for this recipe- I first saw it on my friend Leah's Blog. She found out about them and let us know! So, there you have it, I take all the gifts I can get. Anyways, here is the recipe! Hope you enjoy...


  1. Oh, those WERE good, girls! They didn't last long! :)
    I think I was talking to Vic (?) at Joanie's house about making a dress for the rehearsal dinner. I picked out a pattern, but need to talk to you about fabric and a few other things. Can you email me at rahrahbt so I can get your email address and show you the pattern? Thanks!
    -Sarah Taylor