Thursday, November 18, 2010

Back to making Instructional Videos...

We are finally back to making instructional sewing and crafting videos for you! My brother Isaac recently bought Victoria and I a new iphone for our birthday! I was so excited when he gave it to me, and couldn't wait to find out how I could profitably use it for my business. Since it has an HD camera we got to work on making some instructional videos. It took us less than an hour to video, edit and publish 2 videos! It was easy and fast. It will also help us to be able to take photos of the projects we are working on so we can post on our blog and flickr more often! Guess what? With this iphone we can download an app for swiping debit/credit cards so we can take them!!! (yah!!! It's kind of embarrassing when someone comes to the shop ready to pay with a card and we have to tell them we don't take it:) If you know of any other great ways to be profitable with the iphone, please let us know! We want to get the most for our money!

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