Monday, November 22, 2010

It Keeps Snowing but Work Must Go On!!!

Yesterday afternoon it started snowing and now today it just hasn't stopped!!! For us here in Olympia you know this is a very rare site, especially this early in the winter. It makes me want to be a little kid again and be able to just go out and play in it, but work must get done first. So today in my heated shop I am working on a wedding dress a customer brought in. She wants her grandmother's lace dress overlayed on her dress. We had to make a pattern from her purchased dress and this morning I layed on the freshly cleaned dining room floor (We don't yet have a big open area for projects like these but hopefully soon!) to cut it out. I think it will turn out beautifully. Now I am sewing it all together so either later today or tomorrow my customer can try it on! At least I have lots of windows to look out at the wonderful snow.

At about 9:00 this morning from my shop window

around 10 this morning! It just keeps coming. I might have to make a goal to get some jobs done so I can video the kids out in the snow!

cutting it out on the dining room floor

it was rather tough!

Here's the front of the "new" dress overlay


  1. Did you make it out to play in the snow? :-)

  2. It was so nice to visit your shop today. I loved walking in and seeing the actual products that you bost on your blog. It was very exciting. I love it when you post finished photos of dresses and things that you made on the costumers. It is really nice. Keep up on the posts and I hope you get to get out in the snow it is really fun!