Monday, November 29, 2010

The Shop has turned to a Winter Wonderland...

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!

On Saturday we decided it was time to turn our fall harvest shop into a Winter wonderland.  After decorating the last time, we decided we needed more help then just the two of us. We also needed some fresh ideas. Who better to call then our designer friend Olivia? We asked her to come over and she brought 3 of her younger sisters as well as a cousin. It was lots of fun! We pulled out everything we could think of that was white, silver or blue. Then I took a couple of the girls to the store and we bought more decorations. It is so hard to restrain from buying decorations because this time of season there are so many cute ornaments, little trees, gift wrapping items, and much more! Well we loaded up on all kinds of things. When we returned Olivia, Veronica, Ellen, and Rose had already hung glittering snow flakes, spray painted pine cones silver, and shimmered up the window sills. It was looking great! Ellen made a wonderful bouquet of wintery flowers and feathers. We hung stockings from the ceiling, wrapped boxes to look like gifts, It all looked spectacular! 

To add the finishing touches we bought the spray snow for windows, and also got soft peppermint sticks. Yes, you can't have winter decorations without your candy canes or peppermints!

Oh and by the way, that beautiful looking snow fairy doll on the center table, is outfitted in our friends new line of doll clothes she is making. She has started an Etsy shop now with multiple doll clothes....don't miss it for your Christmas gifts!

It is always so much fun to have a project to work on with friends. It makes decorating all the more fun!


  1. Very cute. Got any more of them peppermint sticks left? I may have to come check this out in person.

  2. Those peppermint sticks look delicious - that's my favorite decoration :)