Wednesday, January 19, 2011

A Baby Jumper to add to our Collection

Since Eloise is gone I took advantage of some of her clothing and thought I would give it a try at replicating one of her jumpers. We are always looking for new babies' clothing. It is made with corduroy and has little ric rac that gives it some style. It's always fun to get ideas from other clothing and try and copy it and change it around. I started out with making a pattern from the bodice by drawing around it then adding my seam allowance. It was actually really simple and extremely fun. Here are pictures of the progress and finished product.

Here's my bodice I made after creating the pattern

Comparing the bodices

Getting ready to attach the skirt

A closer look at the detail

Here's the finished dress next to the dress I copied!

Oh, and here's a beach ball I made to match Eloise's bedding


  1. Girls, Yes. I really do like the beach ball! It's a lot nicer in person (in beach ball)! Very sweet!

    The matching jumpers are nice too. That gets me a thinkin': maybe you two could start a 'twins' clothing line for twin girls and boys or just for friends' matching days...