Friday, January 28, 2011

What to do with Antique Lace???

Yesterday a very good customer of ours brought us in a bag full of antique, hand crocheted laces. She found them in an attic of a relatives and thought we would love to have it! (very nice of her) They are all very intricately done and there are lots of them. (she only gave us this bag - she has lots more) Anyways, we need ideas with what to do with it? Do you have any? One thought was Christening gowns.

Here's just a few of the laces

This is the bag we got!

They are all hand crocheted - WOW!!!

I really like the packaging on this one


  1. What about making some more fancy pillows?

  2. its hard to tell if the lace is colored or just spotted from age, but you could always dye it different colors.
    Also, the wide lace could be used as a bodice overlay for a little dress and the thinner lace would look cute lined vertically on the front of some top tuxedo style.