Friday, October 15, 2010

Another Trip to the Portland Fabric Stores...

Today we took a trip down to Portland to go to our favorite fabric store again-Fabric Depot. We are starting to create our Christmas Collections for this year so we stocked up on Holiday prints. We also splurged on fabric for Eloise's crib bedding. We are planning to make all of her bedding and curtains and it will be Bella Jean's model nursery. Sound good? It's nice to be able to be down here with our friends, who live 5 min. from Fabric Depot. (I told them I think it is a good thing I live so far away, or else I would be broke by now!) We are also making a special occasion dress for one of them so it will be business mixed with pleasure! (I think more pleasure!)

Check out all the great fabric we got! If you have ideas what we can do with it let us know!

Some Christmas prints we picked up

some more!

These are corduroys we found.

Old Fashioned fabric the reminded us of our friend Leah

Fabric for Ruby's dress (how do you like it?)

Fall fabrics to go with apple fall fabric we already have

I love these patterns- they come in a range of sizes too!

more patterns

We had to stop at a store and buy Eloise some cute outfits!

I know, we should have made them, but to tell you the truth we can't make these tiny outfits for the price you can buy them!

Another cute outfit that ties along with the one that her Daddy bought her


  1. It looks like Eloise will be well dressed!
    My favorite fabrics are both the tree fabrics. They are so cute and I am thinking about making some piano runners. With that I could make for different seasons. I just bought some tree fabric too but will make a baby quilt/play mat that I just saw a pattern for.

  2. Hi Vic and Ver, I love the fall fabric you got. The outfits for Eloise are adorable!!!

  3. Before I even saw the caption I was going to comment that I want to put dibs on that dark red fabric for something or other.
    (Hmmm, and I remember oliver + s too ;)

  4. I like the fabric for Ruby's dress. I think it will be just her style:)

  5. I love the little coat pattern! I should be able to get fabric for that other project this week - I'll let you know! I need to have you do it before you get too busy again!

  6. Very nice fabric girls. The one you picked for Ruby totally looks like something she would wear and pick out. Also, the outfits you picked for little Elouise are so cute.