Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Finally Got our Fall Photo Shoots In...

The costumes are getting finished up and we are now getting a chance to get some of our fall photo shoots in, as the leaves are turning. I love these brisk fall days when the sun is shinning! 

Remember the latest Shirley Temple fall dress we were making? Well, its all finished it we got some great photos Daisy and Emma in their matching dresses.
They love to play with each other

Emma calls it her "twirly dress"

Daisy loves to come over and play in the yard

I think they both just had fun playin' together

What a good little poser!

She likes to dress-up so she had lots of fun!


  1. Very Adorable!!! They are sooo cute!

  2. So very adorable. I love all the clothes they are wearing! Great shots.

  3. I love the fall colors. I can't wait to see the other fall inspirations you release.

  4. Very cute! What lovely children and of course, what lovely little outfits they are wearing.

  5. Do you have a fall collection in preemie size? :-)

  6. Thanks for all the comments! We appreciate every single one!

    Louise- why yes, it is going to come out soon!