Saturday, October 23, 2010

Crib Bedding for Eloise

Ever since Eloise was born we decided we would make all of her crib bedding. Eloise's nursery was going to be Bella Jean's model room. We found a photo on Pottery Barn and surprisingly Nate and Louise really like the bedding, so last weekend when we went to Portland we found fabric that was similar and again, they loved it. (yeah! sometimes it seems hard to find something the first time that they love) Well, anyways almost every evening we do a little bit more on the bedding. We started with the side bumper and just finished it tonight! (for the most part)

Each of the flowers are applied using the "raw edge applique" technique. We cut each flower out of the material and a duplicate out of flannel. The reason we did a flannel backer on the flowers is so the fraying would be accentuated. We sewed an 1/8" in around each flower, added a ric rac stem, some leaves and washed and dried the strip. This creates the frayed edges. For an added touch we put a tiny bit of stuffing in the center of each flower.

Let us know your thoughts or ideas!

Here's the original fabric we started with

before any stuffing

you can kind of see the flannel behind the flower

stuffing the bumper

I think it turned out pretty cute!

a closer look at the detail

What do you think? I think Eloise will love it!


  1. Very sweet, I wouldn't mind seeing you starting idea. It looks like alot of detail.

  2. Wow Eloise is a very loved girl! Nice bumpers.

  3. That is so adorable and so special that she will have such nice things made just for her. : )

    I would be careful how you make the bumpers though. Somebody told me that if air can't flow around the bumpers and the crib mattress, that carbon dioxide (from the baby's used breath) can get trapped inside and cause SIDS. I'm not an expert on the topic, but i don't want to take the risk.