Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Candy Bouquets by Laura

A new product we have added to our boutique shop is candy bouquets by Laura. She artfully creates beautiful bouquets with flowers, ribbons, chocolate and more. They make wonderful gifts for baby showers, birthdays, "get well soon" presents, anniversaries, seasonal centerpieces and more. Laura custom makes each bouquet how you desire it. If you can't think of what to get someone for a present these bouquets are perfect alternative. Here are a few photos showing off her work! Soon she will have an Etsy shop to display these so you can order them!

Here's one for a fall centerpiece

What a great baby shower gift! It's so cute! (the blue balls are chocolate - yummy)

She adds ribbon to enhance the designs

Perfect for a baby girl gift

And yes, there's chocolate in this one too!
for a baby girl (or might I say, for her mother)

They make great Valentine gifts too!

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  1. Well, I love your candy bouquets! Especially the one in the pink striped pail!! Anyone would love to get one.