Friday, October 1, 2010

Happy Birthday Bella Jean Boutique...

Today marks Bella Jean Boutique's first year anniversary! WOW, time sure does fly. It's amazing how you can have a dream of a shop you want to open with all sorts of goodies, and lots of people coming in and out all day... well after much discussion a little over a year ago we put our plan into action. My brother Chris had already framed in two rooms of our huge storage shop, so that made it easy. All we needed was some money- (ver's $700 only got us insulation). My dad helped out (alot) on that end. Since this was going to be our shop, we did the work of building it, along with the help of some local contracters (my brother, especially). We also needed a sign- we talked to my Uncle and some friends, and thanks to them we were able to get an amazing sign (which my brother Nate and Jordan built). We have a friend designer, and she created the logo, the sign design and the business cards (thanks very much Olivia). It all came together pretty quickly.

The night before we were supposed to open all of my brothers and dad worked on our shop till the end. We had some of the little girls over we knew and they helped us clean the furniture, iron the clothes and much more.... It was all great fun.  So as you see, it took lots of help and communication to get this business up and running! And we still need lots and lots of help. Thank you to everyone who was a part of building this and still is. We hope to be around for many years to come so your daughters can take lessons, then work for us!

Here are a few pictures showing our business in the workings!

We are getting started

Isaac helps

Mike Stuart lends a hand

Chris puts in outlets

Having fun working


More insulation
cleaning furniture

Diane Scamman touches up furniture

Nate finishes the sign
Sewing classes

more sewing classes

Our beautiful sign

sewing classes

how our shop looks now

I love the decorations for fall in the shop


  1. Happy Birthday!
    And here's to many more years of prosperity an growth to Bella Jean Boutique!!!

  2. Thank you! We appreciate all your help and business!

  3. Wow - time does fly. Think how much your business has grown in one year, and imagine what's possible for the future. I know Emily is thrilled to get to sew with you and "help." Happy Birthday Bella Jean!

  4. wew! nice crafts... I was fascinated scanning your blogs... I'm glad I saw it..

  5. Happy Birthday Bella-Jean. Looking forward to being a customer!

  6. Congratulations Bella Jean!! We are committed to helping your business grow even more! $$$$
    We love you!

  7. Congratulations! This looks wonderful. I wish our girls could join you for sewing classes....
    By the way - the sign is stunning. Really lovely.
    Every blessing in your venture
    Love, Anne x