Wednesday, December 1, 2010

What's Been on the Knitting Needles So Far This Year...

It's that time of year now when I want to get out the knitting projects and either finish up ones from last year or make new hats and scarves or maybe even start a sweater. Usually when winter is gone and spring and summer come back I like to put the knitting projects away just because I have so many other kinds of activities to work on and knitting or crocheting, to me are definitely winter hobbies. I guess it makes knitting more fun too when you have a cute little niece and her little friends to make things for! Here's Eloise in a sweater I had started last year and then after she was born I decided to finish it up and give it to her. It's a little big on her yet, but it is very cozy. I think I might start another sweater this winter too and hopefully complete it in a shorter time frame than before.  I also made a hat out of bamboo yarn.  It is actually a bulky yarn so the hat is pretty thick and very warm. I love how it has variegated colors. I bought more of that kind of yarn to make a hat for her friend Isabella Jean. Knitting for babies is so much fun because the projects go quickly!

This is a bamboo yarn which is very soft and comfy

Look at her smile!!!

Sleeping peacufully - I love watching her sleep!
This hat is actually an organic cotton yarn, which is really soft.
She was doing so good for the photos!

Here's the bamboo hat which is really nice and thick

Had to show you how she likes to sleep - I think it's pretty cute!


  1. She looks very cute, especially in the first hat.

  2. I know of another adorable baby that will be born in April that would surely appreciate a lovely knitted item from his/her friends Veronica and Victoria (okay, at least the mother would).
    Just something to think about ;)