Friday, December 10, 2010

One Yard Wonders!!!

Yesterday one of the mom's of a sewing class student told us about this book called One Yard Wonders. It is pretty amazing what you can do with just one yard of fabric or less. Seeing it inspired me to make some simple things with the left-overs of fabric that we have sitting around or when I see a cute fabric at the store all I need is just one yard to make lots of creative project. There are 101 projects to choose from so it looks like they'll never be any downtime around here!

I love those kinds of pillows

A cute sewing machine cover!
 Today, Louise, ELoise, Susie and Lucy came to visit us in the shop! It's always fun to have people stop in to visit every so often. Vic and I enjoy holding Eloise for a while and talking. Lucy was havin' fun too! We made her this purple velour outfit so it was the perfect chance to try it on her and get some pictures! (Susie knows how to get her to laugh all the time!)
Look at her laughin!

It will definitely be a nice cozy outfit this winter!
Eloise was sucking her thumb!
She is very sweet!

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  1. I have that book! Melanie gave it to me last Christmas and I have made a few things. I started with the grocery totes. And I don't even remember seeing that pillow. Kind of amazing how you can focus on just a few things and miss the rest. Darling purple outfit too!