Monday, December 20, 2010

Vintage Inspired Apron...

I love designing aprons. I found some very vintage looking cupcake material at Joanns, and thought it would be the perfect fabric for a new apron. I was very inspired on a lot of the elements of this apron after looking through my book called "Apronology". My friend told us about this book, and so we immediately had to purchase it. You will not believe the ideas it gives you for different aprons you can make.

Anyways, here is my apron... I started with a basic apron pattern I had called "Emmeline Apron". I added roses that are actually made out of about a 1" wide piece of scrap material, and about 10" in length. You twist the fabric then spin it around in circles and hot glue it together. It is a great embellishment for many garments!

Next I added a ruffle to the bottom. Then I thought, hmm...lace would sure bring out the vintage in the I added lace over the ruffle. I also added small lace to the top by the neck.

Then for the waistband I used a unique technique of unevenly pleat and scrunching the material to give it another vintage touch. I then starched all the uneven pleats so they would stay in place...

There you have it, A great vintage looking apron that's great for the winter's baking and cooking time!

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