Monday, December 6, 2010

Sunday Evening Projects...

Sunday evenings are so relaxing, especially when the Seahawks have won the football game. Usually it is the time I want to sew up some things for gifts for friends. Last night I pulled out all of the makings for burp cloths, receiving blankets and so on... I decided to start with making my cousin Beth a blanket, since her baby girl is due tomorrow. I took ideas from the blankets that my friend Marilyn had made. Instead of just using a solid piece of flannel on one side, you take a strip a minky and put it at the top of the fannel, along with some cute trim to add a nice touch. It turned out so cute!

Next, I also decided to try and make a baby jumper like one I had seen in the store a few days ago. Of course the piece of clothing I used to size up my first attempt would be one of Eloise's jumpers. If it turned out, I would give it to her as a gift. She is such great practice for trial projects. I got to work and found the closest pattern I could to the jumper I had seen. I changed a few things on the pattern, found some cute buttons and trim to add some detail, and wallah! We had a baby jumper, and it turned out great! This is definitely something I will add to our shops inventory. Also I will make a cream onesie to layer underneath.

So there you have it, our Sunday evenings are quite fun and experimental!

Sizing up the jumper

I love the ruffled ribbon

Burp Cloths

Burp Cloths


  1. Hi Girls,

    No new posting!
    When I see all the amazing things you sew, crochet, and create, I'm amazed. It looks like alot of fun. For a moment I'm tempted to learn myself....who knows, maybe some day.

    The "fruit of your hands" is blessing many.


  2. Let us know if you ever want to learn! We will be happy to teach you! Thanks for reminding me about the posting!